• Earned Life-time membership on LPGA Tour
  • 15-year LPGA Tour Player member
  • 28-year teaching pro, since 1987
  • Qualified and played in 14 Major Championships such as, U.S. Women's Open's, LPGA Championships, and the British Open.
  • Top 10 on Symetra Futures Tour money list, numerous wins and top 10 finishes through mini-tour career. During this time, I would teach during the season and play professionally on mini-tours in the summer,
  • Two-time Texas State Jr. Champion, winner of 22 junior tournaments
  • Certified Dr. Rick Jensen & Henry Brunton Golf Coach
  • First Tour Player to be Titleist Performance Institute Certified (TPI) (2007)
  • TPI Certified Golf Instructor Level 2
  • Certified golf fitness trainer at PGA National for one of the pioneers of golf fitness in the country, Randy Myers.
  • TrackMan University Master Professional

The Significance of Tour Tested Golf Coaching

It was important for me as a young teaching pro to walk the talk and perform the skills that I teach at the highest competitive level. That experience of playing at a world tour level, inside the ropes, gave me a unique perspective and knowledge to be able to separate the truth from the hype as well as what works from what's trending. Most teachers incorporate into their lessons instruction based on what tour players do on a regular basis. For this to be its most effective the instructor should have competitive experience and understand what's going on behind the shots, not just the analytical breakdown of it. There is a big difference between competitive knowledge, experience and world class training vs. classroom simulation and theory. It's very important to understand there is research based motor learning and skill acquisition that goes into becoming skilled and being able to sustain performance. My competitive experience playing on the tour gave me the tools and know how to develop my skills into mastering them. Out of the 23,000+ instructors in the United States, less than 1% advanced their own game to perform on a PGA or LPGA tour level moving on to earn life-time tour membership. The odds of just making it on the big tour are 1 in 7 million. Here, you are not simply competing against the best in your city, state or even nationwide competition. You are competing against the best in the world.

Teachers should know the mechanics of the swing in its complexity, but teach it in the utmost simplicity. Going through this process myself, from club teaching pro to competing on a major world tour, I know what the most essential elements for the learning process are as both a student and a teacher. Effective, simple communication is important for motor skill learning when dealing with a sport as complex as golf, at any level from beginner to tour pro.

Patricia has been a long standing student of mine since 1993; she started her career as an instructor, and her work ethic subsequently took her to the highest level-competing on the LPGA Tour. Unlike teachers who analyze golf swings and prescribe unsustainable quick-fixes, Patricia understands what it takes to build golf skills, take them to the course, and shoot lower scores. Her unique experience as both a tour-player and a coach is what separates her from the rest. If you are striving to improve your game, don't look any further-give Patricia a call! Dr. Rick Jensen
Sport Psychologist, peak performance consultant for over 50 PGA, LPGA Tour players and is a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Coach Instructor.

Dr. Jensen's performance training was extremely vital to me as I took my game to the highest level. I continue to value my relationship, as well as continue to learn under Dr. Jensen and his expertise on the science of motor learning and golf skill acquisition for my students.

Over a 20 year period, from 1987 to 2007, from a club teaching pro to my last full year on the LPGA Tour, I honed my skills by surrounding myself with some of the best experts in the industry. I trained and studied with three of the current top ten rated instructors by Golf Digest: Todd Anderson (top three rated instructor by PGA Tour players, Oct. 2013; also works with Brandt Snedeker and Billy Horschel), Mike Adams (works with Briny Baird), and Chuck Cook (works with Jason Dufner and Luke Donald Keegan Bradley). Todd Anderson was my long-time teacher of 12 years and I also taught for him as well.

You are a very special person with a unique gift of helping others enjoy the game of golf. When you taught with me at The Breakers in Palm Beach, your students always enjoyed the time they spent with you. They improved their mechanics but also walked away with more energy and excitement about trying to get better. Your work ethic and constant quest for improvement is contagious.
Thanks for allowing me to be your instructor for the past twelve years,
Todd Anderson,
Top 10 Rated Golf instructor, by golf digest, 2013; Top 3 with Tour players

There are also others mentors who have helped me as a player and a teacher: I sought out teachers and coaches who cared about students and not about the return on their financial numbers: Bill Davis, Stan Utley, Mike Shannon, Fred Shoemaker, Dr. Patrick Cohn, Kai Fusser, Randy Myers, Pete Draovitch, Ben Doyle, Orville Moody, and John Nieporte.